6 Top Disney100 Collectibles Celebrating 100 Years of Wonder

Every new year is an exciting one for Disney fans. With it comes the anticipation of what special new things might be revealed: new movies, music, characters and events that are sure to capture the imagination and inspire joy. 2023 has certainly been no exception.

In fact, for Disney enthusiasts, 2023 could go down in the history books as the best year of the last 100 years. That’s because it’s been exactly an entire century since Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded The Walt Disney Company. The date was October 16, 1923, and ever since, Disney’s legacy of beloved characters and their stories have touched the lives of generations of families. Are you wondering what that means for this year?

It means the Disney100 celebration is finally here, paying tribute to the Disney Company’s decades of innovation and imagination. It’s a wonderful time to be alive, especially for Disney fans. Were you aware of this milestone centennial? We’d love to share with you what The Bradford Exchange has planned for the Disney100 celebration and just how you can participate too.

What Is The Bradford Exchange Doing for the Disney100 Celebration?

The Bradford Exchange has been very busy creating unique ways to celebrate this momentous occasion. And because this is such a special time for Disney, we wanted to offer our customers some exceptional ways to join in the festivities. To celebrate the best way we know how, we created a selection of handcrafted Disney100 collectibles and jewelry that specifically corresponds to the event. After all, it has been 100 years in the making.

And because we don’t want you to miss this opportunity, we’ve even put together a list of some favorites for today’s post. Each one is licensed from Disney and is a wonderful way to be a part of this historic moment in time. Please enjoy our 6 Top Disney100 Collectibles Celebrating 100 Years of Wonder:

Disney100: 100 Years of Wonder Clock

Disney 100 Years Of Wonder Clock

The time for celebrating is now! This Disney100 commemorative clock boasts a handcrafted figure of Disney’s Mickey Mouse as he originally appeared in his 1928 debut. Mickey Mouse stands next to a gleaming Disney100 set with both a classic clock face and a colorful montage of Disney’s best-loved films. And the timely presentation is perched dramatically atop a faceted crystalline base. Available in a limited edition of just 1,923 worldwide!

Disney100: Charm Bracelet

Disney100 Charm Bracelet

Take your love of Disney everywhere! This Special Edition bracelet is graced with 17 platinum-plated brass figural charms of favorite Disney and Pixar characters like Disney’s Tinker Bell, Moana and Snow White. There is even an oval charm engraved with the Disney100 logo, so you can always remember the occasion. It arrives in a Disney100 gift box too.

Disney100: 100-Facet Ring

Disney100 100-Facet Ring

It’s the sparkle of the century! Our Special Edition ring dazzles with an 8-carat crystal in the center that features 100 individual facets in honor of Disney100. It’s even hand-sculpted to showcase the words “DISNEY” and “100” highlighting the event. The handcrafted setting of solid sterling silver and platinum plating creates a lavish gleam, and a trio of sparkling crystal accents form silhouettes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse on each side. It’s engraved with the Disney100 logo inside of the band and arrives with a specially designed Disney100 gift box.

Disney100: 100 Years of Wonder Sculpture

Disney100: 100 Years Of Wonder Sculpture

What a colorful display of wonder! This distinctive glass tribute is designed to look like Disney’s most beloved character and is etched with over one million precise laser beams to create a fully 3D, crystal clear image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and the Disney100 logo inside. And just wait until you flip the switch… a dazzling display of rotating colors illuminate Mickey Mouse with all the colors of a rainbow. And the entire presentation is perched on a prismatic base adorned with memorable Disney characters.

Disney100: 100 Years of Wonder Glitter Globe

Disney100 100 Years of Wonder Glitter Globe

Let the eye-catching effect spark inspiration and imagination! This fully sculpted tribute showcases Disney’s Mickey Mouse within a crystal-clear globe of swirling glitter and Mickey Mouse-themed confetti, poised atop a pearlized base with the Disney100 logo. And with just the flip of a switch, built-in LED lights change color from yellow to magenta to blue to heighten the presentation. Available in a limited edition of just 1,923 worldwide!

Disney100: 100 Years of Wonder Proof Collection

Disney100 100 Years of Wonder Proof Collection

Hold Disney history in your hand! This Disney100 collection features commemorative Proofs plated in 99.9% silver that are an impressive 2 inches in diameter. That’s 30% larger than traditional Proofs! Each one celebrates the Disney Company’s 100-year history with full-color character art on the front and a sculpted Disney100 logo on the back. Plus, your Proofs arrive protected in crystal clear capsules and the collection includes a custom display box to show off each Disney100 tribute.

Now that you’ve seen some of our incredible Disney100 tributes, we must let you in on a little secret: just like every celebration, this one must come to an end as well. You only have until the end of 2023 to secure your piece of history. After that, our Disney100 collectibles will no longer be available for purchase, so you must hurry. We invite you to visit our website for our best – and complete – selection today. Thanks so much for reading and we hope your own Disney100 celebration is filled with lots of joy, fun and excitement. Tell us all about it in the comments. We would love to hear your stories!

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