10 Reasons to Start Decorating for Christmas

I’m sure you’ve heard someone around you complain that stores promote Christmas earlier and earlier every year. Maybe it was even you who said it! I can definitely understand that side of the argument, but to play the devil’s advocate (or Santa’s advocate in this case), there are always two sides to every Christmas cookie. If you love Christmas as much as I do, the first hints of mistletoe and holly serve as a reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is on its way! Scroll down to see my top 10 reasons on why it’s always good to decorate for Christmas early, and please feel free to share your own in the comments!

1. You’ll Get on Santa’s “Nice List”
I’m not saying if you put up a tree and hang your stockings, you’ll automatically be BFFs with the man in the big red suit, but it can’t hurt to let Santa know early that you’re hoping for something good!

2. You’ll Have More Time to Bake Cookies
Trust me, if decorating early doesn’t quite get you on Santa’s “Nice List”, tempting treats will surely help persuade him. (And it’s always nice to share cookies with loved ones, too!)

3. The Early Elf Catches the Cookie
The best selection of Christmas decor is available at the beginning of the season, so shopping early is the ideal way to avoid discovering the perfect Christmas treasure and finding out it’s no longer in stock.

4. Take it All in Before You Take it All Down
In a few Christmases past, I’ve decorated my home really late in the season and in the blink of an eye, Christmas is over and I have to put it all away. If you decorate early, you’ll be able to enjoy it longer!

5. Spread the Cheer
I can’t help but smile whenever I see a glimmer of Christmas somewhere. The sooner your Christmas decorations are up, the sooner you’ll see the joy it brings your loved ones. It’s sure to delight kids from 1 to 92!

6. Shopping Online? Make Sure It Arrives in Time!
This concept ties into what I mentioned in #3 on my list about shopping early for the best selection. If you’re shopping for Christmas decor online, you’ll want to order your Christmas goodies early enough to allow time for processing, shipping and finding the perfect spot in your home to display it!

7. You’ll Have More Time to Shop for Gifts
Christmas is definitely a whirlwind of decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping presents, parties and more, so if your decorating is out of the way, you can really enjoy finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family that will make them extra merry. (And have time to drop a few hints for yourself!)

8. You Can Crack Open the Eggnog Immediately Afterwards
I’m not sure if it’s an official rule of Christmas, but drinking eggnog just doesn’t feel right unless there are Christmas decorations up and merry melodies playing in the background. A good enough reason for me to get to it!

9. You’ll Have Time to Make Everything Perfect for Christmas Morning
I once helped my elderly aunt put up the Christmas tree in her new home and decorated it completely, only for her to decide that it would look better in the other room. (I was DEFINITELY on the “Nice List” that year.) If you start decorating for Christmas early, you’ll have time to put the finishing touches on everything, so your Christmas is as perfect as you’d imagined.

10. It’s Never Too Early to Celebrate Peace, Love and Joy
The message behind the holiday season is as beautiful as the Christmas decor that celebrates it, so the earlier you decorate, the sooner you’ll be reminded of why Christmas is so wonderful!

What’s your #1 reason for decorating for Christmas early? I’d love to know in the comments below. And, if this post has got you in the mood to shop for unique Christmas decor, don’t miss all of the amazing treasures available at The Bradford Exchange Online.

Thanks for reading and please share this post to share some Christmas cheer!

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