5 Creative Ways to Display Your Keepsakes

You can tell a lot about a person by the keepsakes in their home: their passions and interests, their family history, the people and things they care about, their sense of style. In some ways, keepsakes are an extension of who we are as people, even down to how we display them.

Perhaps you have a few choice keepsakes that are important to you or possibly you’ve been collecting for years and have accumulated quite a lot. Maybe you’ve even had to keep some stored in a closet, under the bed or up in the attic for lack of space. Well, here at The Bradford Exchange, we love coming up with creative solutions. We understand that one of the primary purposes for “keeping” keepsakes is to be able to display them. That way they can be enjoyed by you, your family and all your guests. Which brings us to the topic of today’s blog.

We’ve compiled a list to help you figure out how best to show off the things that mean the most to you. Please enjoy our 5 Creative Ways to Display Your Keepsakes.

Display Cases or Curio Cabinets

These are great options if you have many keepsakes you’d like to display in your home. Purchasing a display case or curio cabinet is an investment that shows intention. It shows that you want your keepsakes to be in the spotlight. In fact, many come equipped with built-in lighting or can have lighting added to better highlight your collection. Plus, curio cabinets almost always have doors to protect your keepsakes from dust, sunlight and other elements. There are also multiple options when it comes to size and design, some can even be hung from a wall, so you can find a case or cabinet that best fits your needs and space.

Bookcases or Wall Shelves

Open shelving makes it easy to organize and display items because of versatility. Bookcases and bracketed wall shelves are a standard example of open shelving. They also have the benefit of taking up less space than an entire cabinet if you’re not sure about the commitment yet. Because bookcases and shelving is multi-purpose, they can be used to display books and records alongside other keepsakes like framed photographs, vases and decorating accents. For example, you might keep one shelf to hold books and use another above or below to show off your keepsakes. You can also mix it up and keep them organized together. There are so many creative choices.

Picture Frames

Most people have plenty of photographs, artwork or “masterpieces” drawn by their children and grandchildren around the house already. Perhaps some of them have been hanging on the refrigerator door for a while. These are important keepsakes as well. Why not find a perfect frame and display them on the wall? And remember, framed photos and art doesn’t have to remain in the living room only. They can look good in any room in the house, including hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and even the laundry room.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes feature a space to store treasured items beneath glass, creating a sense of depth – a “shadow,” so to speak. In a way, they are kind of like picture frames for 3-dimensional keepsakes like collectible figurines, family heirlooms, prized awards or sculpted art. You can also use shadow boxes to display 2-dimensional artwork. If they are deep enough, you can stand them up and display them pretty much anywhere, but they are usually meant to be hung on the wall.

Display Stands

The ultimate in museum-quality presentation has got to be the display stand. They come in all shapes, from square to pyramid, and all sizes, from those meant to rest on a table or shelf to those that included their own elevated stand. But the primary distinction of a display stand is its purpose: it is meant to showcase one special keepsake. Perhaps your most prized possession. So, if there is an item in your home you would really like it to be a focal point of a room or even a table, this is certainly a great way to go.

With all the great display options at your disposal, perhaps you’re thinking about some exciting new additions to your collection. If you’ve shopped at The Bradford Exchange before, you know what a diverse selection of keepsakes we have. Whether you are looking for ways to decorate your home for the holidays, want to show your love of Disney, are a fan of movies and TV or want to reflect your fervent faith, there are unique treasures to find. Thank you so much for reading! We trust you have a fun and creative time organizing your keepsakes.

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