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Women’s Rings 101: A Primer

By On July 28, 2021

For fashion-conscious women, the online marketplace is their oyster. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry selection. Next time you are shopping online, just take a peek at the overwhelming… Read More


On Which Finger Should You Wear Your Birthstone Ring?

By On July 26, 2021

Most of us know what our birthstone is. Each month of the year has a corresponding gemstone, so your birthstone would be the gem associated with the month you were born in.… Read More


Rings for Every Stage in a Relationship: Explained

By On July 21, 2021

Just like a fairytale, the story of love has a beginning, a middle, and a happily ever after. Whatever chapter you are currently experiencing in your love story, there is a ring… Read More


A Guide to Wearing Men’s Rings

By On July 19, 2021

Men have been wearing rings since the very first bands were forged. In fact, they used to be very important pieces of jewelry. They were worn by men of power and influence.… Read More

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