Our Guide to Writing a Heartfelt Mother’s Day Card Message

Many of us remember making cards for our mothers from the moment our creative juices started flowing.

In those early stages of life, we would use materials like crayons, watercolor paint, macaroni noodles, and sparkling glitter to create a “work of art” for Mother’s Day, her birthday or another equally as important occasion. And oh, how much joy it brought us to give her something we created just for her on her special day.

These days, we may not make card-giving a crafting project like we did in those youthful years, but it’s still nice to let Mom know how much she means to us with a thoughtful card or note. So, how does one find the perfect words to express gratitude and love for her on Mother’s Day?

Today’s blog shares a few tips on writing a Mother’s Day message. It may not involve macaroni noodles and glitter, but she could find it as meaningful as your kindergarten masterpiece. Here’s our Guide to Writing a Heartfelt Mother’s Day Card Message:

Start with a Loving Greeting

Every message needs a beginning (a.k.a. the greeting). A simple “Hello Mom” or “Dear Mom” is an easy way to get the ball rolling. But, if you wish to kick off your Mother’s Day message with a bit more pizazz, how about starting with “To the Best Mom in the World” or taking a humorous approach with “To My Favorite Mom Ever (and My Only Mom)”? These greetings are sure to grab her attention and make her feel good. It’s also fun to incorporate a nickname into the greeting, like “Momsy,” “Mama Bear,” “Mima,” “Mumster” or any special moniker you may have for your mother.

Express Your Gratitude

Moms do so much. They teach us valuable lessons, nurture us, and show us, unconditional love. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show a bit of gratitude for all they do. There are many ways to say “thank you” to her. Here are some of our ideas:

“I’ll be forever grateful for all that you’ve done for me.”

“Thank you for being an amazing Mom today and every day.”

“I appreciate all the things you do for me.”

Simply by letting Mom know she’s appreciated can make her day!

Share Your Feelings

Once gratitude is expressed, there is an opportunity for a deeper dive into feelings. Was she there for you at a time you really needed her? Maybe she did something amazing in the past. Something that made you immensely proud of her. Or perhaps she helped you discover a passion or realize something important about yourself. Moms can be quite magical; highlighting that point in your message is an excellent way to touch her heart.

Recall a Special Memory

Did you take an unforgettable vacation with Mom? Have a childhood memory that would make her smile? Or recall a time she taught you something important that has stuck with you? Reminding her of a special memory can elicit warm feelings of joy and nostalgia. Plus, it can serve as the perfect catalyst to reminisce about other great times you’ve had with each other.

End with a Touching Closing

After finishing your message to her, a warm closing before the signature is the perfect cherry on top! Here’s a few ways to close your Mother’s Day card:


Love, always and forever,

You’re the best,

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Warmest wishes,

Love you to the moon and back,

Ready to write your Mother’s Day card message? We hope this article makes it easier to organize your thoughts and express what’s in your heart. And once you’ve finished writing your message, we highly recommend shopping our site to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift to pair with your card. What a wonderful way to make this the best Mother’s Day yet!

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