What’s Your Halloween Style?

Boo! Halloween is creeping closer and I can’t wait to see what thrills and chills are in store for this year. From the costumes to the candy, it’s definitely my favorite holiday!

Everyone celebrates the Halloween season in their own unique way. Some of my friends go to haunted houses every year for a good scare, but I’d much prefer wandering a pumpkin patch and sipping hot apple cider. The only thing I want jumping out at me is a good deal on trick-or-treat candy!

The Bradford Exchange Online offers a wide variety of Halloween decor that appeals to every style, so I’ve selected a few of my favorites to share with my fellow Halloween lovers. Scroll down to see my top picks based on your Halloween style:

Spooky Sensations

Spooky is definitely my Halloween style. Come the first day of October, I’ve got spider webs over my picture frames and my favorite eerie entertainment queued up and ready to watch, from “The Munsters®” to Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” With the right touches, it’s easy to turn your home into 1313 Mockingbird Lane or Halloween Town!

1. The Munsters Cuckoo Clock

2. This is Halloween Tabletop Tree Collection


Scary Selections

Eek! There’s no denying that these freaky finds aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re into the more sinister side of Halloween festivities, these wonderfully terrifying treasures are right up your dark alley. Feel free to invite me to your Halloween party, but I might not stay too long!

3. Dead of Night Lamp

4. America’s Most Haunted Village Collection

5. Haunted Pumpkin Sculpture Collection


Sweet Treats

These three Halloween treats are simply spook-tacular, aren’t they? It’s always fun to celebrate the sweeter side of Halloween, especially if you have little ones in your life. From precious PEANUTS® characters to delightful Disney characters, these are just three heartwarming ways to share your Halloween flair!

6. It’s The Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

7. Scaredy Cat Table Centerpiece

8. Disney’s Enchanted Pumpkin Castle Sculpture


What’s your Halloween style? I’d love to hear how you celebrate, so please let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to visit our site to discover all of the Halloween decor available at The Bradford Exchange Online.

Thanks for reading, and please share this post to share your Halloween spirit!

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