Women’s Rings: 7 Trends To Fall For

Coco Chanel famously said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” When it comes to jewelry, trends may come and go, but a statement piece that reflects your unique style and personality is timeless. So how do you know which trends to follow and which are just passing fads? It’s a bit of a trick question, actually.

If fashion is about trends, then style is about you. In other words, fashion is WHAT you wear, and style is HOW you wear it. Your style shows in the way you put yourself together, how you carry yourself, your attention to detail and your commitment to being true to yourself no matter what. So when it comes to trends, my advice is to follow the ones that speak to you — as long as you wear what makes you feel good, you’re going to look good!

Now let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in women’s rings. Here are 7 of my favorite to inspire you:

Love's Perfection Diamonesk® Ring

I’ve been seeing a lot of “night sky” motifs in fine jewelry, and I’m especially starry-eyed over the trend featured in designs like our Written in the Stars Ring and Love’s Perfection Diamonesk® Ring. With gemstones that are intricately faceted to create perfect “floating” stars, these rings are simply heavenly!

mocha and white diamond ring

Wearing multiple bands is definitely in vogue right now. While stacking rings continue to be popular (see #6 below), rings with intertwined or crisscrossing bands offer women another striking way to wear the trend. These rings are perfect if you want the layered look of multiple bands with the convenience of a single ring. This mocha and white diamond ring and this family birthstone embrace ring are two great choices.

Family Is Forever Personalized Ring

Spinning rings like our Family Is Forever Personalized Ring and Our Forever Love Diamond Ring feature a special band that spins while the rest of the ring remains still. Sometimes called “worry rings” or “meditation rings,” these rings may have roots in Tibetan meditation techniques and are thought to have a calming influence on the mind when spun in a repetitive motion. They’re also a beautiful way to express eternal love.

Strength of Family Personalized Ring

Knots and braids are popping up in more than just elaborate hairstyles these days. These symbolic motifs are inspiring plenty of jewelry designs, too. Not for the faint of heart, these interwoven motifs are timeless symbols of strength, unity and commitment. That doesn’t mean they can’t be elegant and feminine — for two gorgeous examples, check out our Strength of Family Personalized Ring and Lover’s Knot Diamond Ring.

Personalized Bridal Ring

Halo settings aren’t exactly a brand new trend in engagement rings, but they certainly seem to be growing in popularity. Along with fancy gemstone shapes like marquise and cushion, the trend toward halo settings is perfect for women who want their ring to stand out. Say “I do” to something extraordinary with our Diamonesk® Personalized Bridal Ring or A Love Like No Other Personalized Bridal Ring Set.

personalized stacking ring

As I mentioned earlier, stacking rings are having a moment, and it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere soon. Once reserved for fashion jewelry, the chic stacked look has even started popping up in engagement ring designs. For an upscale look that’s definitely engagement worthy, I love the posh glamour of white topaz personalized stacking ring, and the colorful elegance of this couples birthstone stacking ring is a fabulous choice anytime.

Enduring Love Personalized Diamond Ring

The latest trend in women’s rings is a nod to minimalism, but it doesn’t necessarily skimp on sophistication. Understated, elegant and yet undeniably striking, v-shaped chevron rings like our Enduring Love Personalized Diamond Ring can be a powerful symbol of two hearts meeting — or simply a beautiful expression of style.

Which of these trends suits your sense of style? Add a comment below to weigh in – and don’t forget to share the list with your fashion-forward friends (or the men who love them)!

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