12 Snowglobe Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

People love snowglobes. In fact, when coming across a snowglobe, it’s hard to resist the urge to give it a little shake. There’s something so fascinating about watching that miniature universe come to life right in the palm of your hand. Simply put, snowglobes are enchanting!

Since snowglobes are so unique in design and function, we highly recommend giving them as gifts, especially if you’re looking to spark the imagination and spread a little joy. What could be better than giving someone you love the opportunity to escape for a few moments? To invite them to get lost in a beautifully crafted and magical world.

The Bradford Exchange offers a fantastic selection of snowglobes (sometimes called water globes or glitter globes depending on their design). Masterfully designed and expertly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature wonders express the beauty of cherished relationships, unique passions and special interests. They make truly one-of-kind gifts that are sure to be adored for many years!

In today’s blog, we’ve rounded up a flurry of great gift recommendations for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. We invite you to check out our 12 Snowglobe Gift Ideas for Special Occasions:

For an Unforgettable Birthday Celebration

A Baby Is a Blessing Personalized Glitter Globe

A Baby Is A Blessing Personalized Glitter Globe

One of life’s greatest blessings is the birth of a child. It’s a joyous occasion unlike any other. If you wish to congratulate the parents who have welcomed a baby into the world, this glitter globe makes an unforgettable gift. Inside the glass globe is a sweetest teddy bear holding two precious blossoms. A heart suspended from a yellow ribbon and it is personalized with the baby’s first name and birth date. Plus, it plays the melody of “You Are My Sunshine.” What a beary special celebration!

Friend, I Love You to The Moon Glitter Globe

Friend, I Love You to The Moon Glitter Globe

A great friend deserves a great gift, especially on their birthday. So, why not treat one of your best pals to a present that will surely brighten their day? This musical glitter globe shimmers with glittery “stars”, sparkles with crystals and shines with heartwarming words to let them know they’ve got a friend in you. It plays the touching melody of “Always in My Heart” and includes a beautiful poem card celebrating your cherished friendship.

For a Loved One in Mourning

Forever in My Heart Glitter Globe

Forever In My Heart Glitter Globe

Losing a loved one is never easy. Often a little hope is all that’s needed to soothe the heart. If you know a family member or friend who is grieving, this glitter globe is a thoughtful way to offer your deepest sympathy. Inside the glass globe, a sculptural angel offers precious inspiration. The glitter globe tenderly plays the melody “The Wind Beneath My Wings” and the hand-painted Heirloom Porcelain® base delivers a special message of comfort.

Messenger from Heaven Glitter Globe

Messenger from Heaven Glitter Globe

Gentle reminders of a loved one can show up in unexpected ways: an upturned penny, a pure white feather, a cardinal alighting on a backyard branch. In this unique glitter globe, a winged messenger takes center stage to offer a special message of love, hope and encouragement. This masterfully sculpted cardinal, poised upon a silvery branch, stuns in glorious shades of red. The globe plays the beautiful melody of “Always in My Heart,” and arrives with a beautiful poem card as a heartfelt touch.

For a Graduate Who Makes You Proud

My Heart, My World Grandson Personalized Glitter Globe

My Heart, My World Grandson Personalized Glitter Globe

Want to let your grandson know how proud you are of him on his graduation day? Share the depths of your love with this handsome glitter globe personalized with his name and a loving sentiment. He is sure to appreciate how the globe plays the beloved melody of “You Are My Sunshine.” And the silvery planet earth under the glass lets him know that no matter where he goes, your love will travel with him. Plus, a poem card reminds him that he means the world to you.

My Granddaughter, I Wish You Glitter Globe

My Granddaughter, I Wish You Glitter Globe

Granddaughters have a way of capturing our heart and bringing us so much joy. So, as she gets ready to graduate, why not give her a musical gift that lets her know just how special she is? This glitter globe expresses your love with the melody of “You Are So Beautiful,” along with the silvery stars and sweet wishes of “Love,” “Happiness” and “Peace” that swirl inside. And with such a heartfelt message on the base and a poem card, she is sure to cherish it for always.

For an Extra Sweet Valentine’s Day

Granddaughter, I’ll L-O-V-E You Forever Glitter Globe

Granddaughter, I'll L-O-V-E You Forever Glitter Globe

Who said Valentine’s Day is only about romance? It’s also about touching the hearts of all those who have touched ours. Like our precious granddaughters. This tuneful treasure spells out your “LOVE” for your granddaughter with a glass glitter globe “O” filled with sculptural butterflies and blossoms. It even plays the tune of “You Are So Beautiful,” and arrives with a special poem card that is sure to make her day.

My Heart, My World Love Personalized Glitter Globe

My Heart, My World Love Personalized Glitter Globe

It can be a challenge to find a gift expressing the way we feel for the love of our life. But sometimes the right gift can do it in the most beautiful way, like this romantic glitter globe. Personalized with both of your names on the base, it features two sparkling pavé hearts inside symbolizing your bond. It even plays the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” as the perfect finishing touch. What a romantic Valentine’s Day gift!

For a Mother’s Day She’ll Never Forget

The Love Between a Mother & Daughter Glitter Globe

The Love Between A Grandmother & Granddaughter Glitter Globe

A hallmark of Mother’s Day celebrations is recognizing the special bond between mothers and daughters. The bond can become even stronger when both mother and daughter share the experience of motherhood. Let your daughter know how proud you are of her, as your daughter and as a mom, with this glitter globe. It plays the tune of “Always in My Heart,” features entwined hearts that shimmer with purple and silver glitter and arrives with a meaningful poem card as well.

For a Christmas Filled with Joy

A Merry Time You Will Have Glitter Globe

A Merry Time You Will Have Glitter Globe

Have a STAR WARS™ fan on your Christmas list? Give them an out-of-this-galaxy holiday with this officially licensed musical glitter globe featuring a sculpture of Yoda™ that glows under glass. For an extra festive treat, Yoda holds a sack of brightly wrapped presents and is dressed up in a red coat and hat like Santa Claus. A merry time they will have!

Thomas Kinkade A Visit with Santa Snowglobe

Thomas Kinkade A Visit with Santa Snowglobe

No artist captured the nostalgia and merriment of the holiday season quite like Thomas Kinkade. And for those who love Christmas and all the festive joy that comes with it, this snowglobe is sure to be a memorable gift. With the press of a button, it glows warmly from inside and plays a medley of 8 holiday carols. Plus, an old-fashioned steam train rotates around the village underneath. It’s sure to make the season merry and bright.

For an Anniversary Filled with Love

Loving You Today Tomorrow Always Personalized Glitter Globe

Loving You Today Tomorrow Always Personalized Glitter Globe

An anniversary is the perfect time to let your beloved know just how much they mean to you. Say “I love you” with this glitter globe personalized with your 2 names that plays the dreamy melody of “Always in My Heart.” The ultimate romantic gesture, this glitter globe features two hearts at the center that join to symbolize your bond, along with the heartfelt sentiment “Love” in silvery script. Imagine the sparkle in her eyes as she opens this hand-picked personalized gift from you.

We love sharing our suggestions with you, so we hope you found this list helpful. See something that caught your eye? If so, that’s awesome! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, be sure to check out our entire selection of snowglobes.

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