Honoring Presidents Day 2024: 8 Top Coins and Bills for Collectors

For Americans, history is not just an interesting look at the past, it’s the foundation for a rich legacy that’s still respected today. A legacy forged by the accomplishments and leadership of our founding fathers and those who would follow in their footsteps: the United States Presidents.

Speaking of U.S. Presidents, have you heard the famous piece of presidential lore where a young boy chops down a cherry tree with a hatchet he received as a gift? When confronted about the offense by his father, he confessed to the act by saying, “I cannot tell a lie,” demonstrating a pretty honest beginning for none other than George Washington. Especially considering he would become our very first U.S. President in 1789.

Whether you believe the accuracy of that tale or not, the history books are full of the achievements of President Washington. In fact, his feats were significant enough for us to create a holiday in recognition of his birthday. Since 1879, the original founding father has been honored every third Monday of February with a holiday simply called Washington’s Birthday. But today, depending on the state where you live, Washington’s Birthday has been expanded into a more comprehensive holiday to credit all the U.S. Presidents in American history. The occasion is called Presidents Day, and in 2024, it will be celebrated on February 19.

Presidential Currency: An American Legacy

When you think about the 46 presidents we’ve had as a nation, can you recall what each one looked like (or looks like in the case of those still with us)? Perhaps some are a crystal-clear snapshot in your mind, even though they came hundreds of years before us. This is probably due to their prominence in our U.S. currency.

U.S. Presidents have long had their profile on our coins and bills. In fact, it’s been over a century now since our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was featured on a one-cent piece, a Lincoln Penny if you will. This happened in 1909 and was the first instance of a presidential presence on our currency.

In the last 100 years, that presence has become even more prominent, with presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy receiving the honor of having their visage on circulating coins and bills. There have even been non-circulated coins and bills produced by the U.S. Mint featuring even more U.S. Presidents through the years to commemorate their time in the Oval Office and their successes in political governance.

Some of this official currency has been packaged in exclusive presentations with special bonus features and historical documentation so that collectors can own and enjoy unique presidential artifacts. We think it’s a fun way to collect American currency and presidential currency tributes, while learning about the men who have held this office and their impact on U.S. history. And there’s no better time to start collecting than in anticipation of Presidents Day.

How to Build an American Presidents Collection

In today’s post, we want to give you some ideas and suggestions on how to build your own American presidents collection with unique coins and bills available from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Before we get into some of our favorite picks, let’s look at a few ways you can organize your presidential treasures.

Collect by Type – there are many different types of presidential currency, including circulated coins and bills, non-circulated coins and bills, commemorative presentations, and collectible Proofs.

Collect by Theme – because there are so many themes available, think about streamlining your collecting by starting with just one. You can always expand later. Some popular collecting themes are general American history, currency that commemorates historic U.S. events, picking one president to collect, choosing to collect all 46 presidents, and patriotic-themed coins and bills.

Collect by Denomination – sometimes people gravitate towards a certain denomination like quarters, pennies or half dollars. They just prefer the way they look or feel. You can certainly collect strictly within one denomination and look forward to plenty of expansion as there are plenty of presidential tributes available across all denominations.

Display and Storage Options – when it comes to display and storage options for your presidential currency, the possibilities are endless, and of course you can purchase them separately. But the convenience you get when you shop with The Bradford Exchange Mint is that they all include custom displays and storage with the purchase of the coins and bills. So it is easy to get new collections started off well and also supplements the choices for long-term collectors.

Our Top Collecting Suggestions for You

There are lots of U.S. history coins and dollars to examine when it comes to finding the perfect presidential currency for your collection, including U.S. history silver coins, U.S. history gold coins and much more. So many shining treasures to honor our country and our presidents! We thought we could make things a little easier for you so when you start your shopping you know what incredible coins and bills to expect. To get you in the mood for the upcoming Presidents Day, we’ve curated a list of some of our preferred picks. Please enjoy: Honoring Presidents Day 2024: 8 Top Coins and Bills for Collectors.

The Complete U.S. National Parks $2 Bill Currency Collection

The Complete U.S. National Parks $2 Bill Currency Collection

Featuring Thomas Jefferson! There are few places more sacred in America than our national parks. This collection of uncirculated $2 Bills brings their breathtaking beauty to life on genuine legal tender, privately enhanced with vivid color artwork and golden accents. Each bill is preserved within a crystal-clear holder and can be displayed perfectly within the wooden case, included free with the collection.

Complete U.S. Presidents Banknote Currency Collection

Complete U.S. Presidents Banknote Currency Collection

Featuring Washington, Lincoln, Garfield, Grant and More! U.S. Gold Certificates and Gold Banknotes have a fascinating history, highly coveted and eventually obsolete. Now these vintage bills are recreated on 24K gold replica banknotes containing 50mg of genuine 24K gold each. Offered in this one complete collection, they arrive in clear currency holders to protect their value along with a free collector’s folder.

Barack Obama Proof Coin Collection

Barack Obama Proof Coin Collection

Featuring our 44th President! The historic election of Barack Obama, important events from his life and his service as U.S. President are beautifully documented in this collection of 24K gold-plated Proof coins. Gleaming images of the president, notable quotes and holographic privy marks inspired by the Presidential Seal define each collectible Proof. Each arrives in a crystal-clear capsule, and a free deluxe display box is included with your collection.

Queen Elizabeth II Meeting U.S. Presidents Coin Collection

Queen Elizabeth II Meeting U.S. Presidents Coin Collection

Featuring presidential meetings with Queen Elizabeth II! From John F. Kennedy to Dwight D. Eisenhower, there have been 13 U.S. Presidents who have held historic meetings with Her Late Majesty during her legendary rule. These moments are captured forever on 24K gold-plated Proofs, enhanced with U.S. and U.K. imagery, rhodium-plated privy marks, and protected in tamper-proof holders. Includes a custom display box.

The World’s Greatest Speeches Proof Coin Collection

The World's Greatest Speeches Proof Coin Collection

Featuring Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt! Some of the greatest orators of all time were our U.S. Presidents. Now their landmark speeches are documented on Proof-condition 24K gold-plated coins showcasing excerpts from The Gettysburg Address, For a Declaration of War and many other important political documents. Preserved in crystal clear capsules and a museum-quality display case.

The Abraham Lincoln Legacy Proof Coin Collection

The Abraham Lincoln Legacy Proof Coin Collection

Featuring Abraham Lincoln! Now you can collect tributes to Honest Abe on alternate coins besides just pennies. Particularly this collection of commemorative Proofs plated in 99.9% silver and depicting iconic portraits of the 16th president, images recalling his presidential legacy and golden privy marks with the dates of his first inauguration. Each coin is protected in a clear capsule and can be showcased in the free deluxe display case.

The First Year of Issue 1964 JFK Silver Half Dollar Coin

The First Year of Issue 1964 JFK Silver Half Dollar Coin

Featuring John F. Kennedy! JFK half dollars are some of the most collectible coins of all time. This exclusive presentation includes a genuine 1964 JFK Half Dollar in MS 64 condition. In addition to 1964 being the very first year of this iconic coin, it was also the last year the U.S. Mint released a 90% pure silver Half Dollar for circulation. Arrives sealed in a tamper-proof holder with a logo from the prestigious Numismatic Guaranty Company verifying the quality of the coin, along with a security hologram, bar code and identification number. Display box is included.

The Presidents of the United States Legacy Coin Collection

The Presidents of the United States Legacy Coin Collection

Featuring every U.S. President! A great starter for new collectors, this comprehensive collection includes Goldine® brass-surfaced coins of every president so far, enhanced with sculpted eagles to symbolize U.S. heritage. Privately minted in the U.S.A. and arriving in sets of 2 presidential coins, this collection includes a free Collector’s Album and a Certificate of Ownership that can be personalized with a gift message and recipient’s name.

We hope you are feeling fairly presidential and supremely inspired by today’s post. At least you are a little more ready for February 19, we hope? Let us know what your state calls this annual federal holiday in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you. Also, you can check out our entire selection of coins and currency, including U.S. history dollars, historical American artifacts and tributes, and much more when you are ready to start shopping.

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