Our Go-To Guide for Buying Animal Figurines

What’s your favorite animal? For many people, there’s usually one that comes to mind when asked this question (or maybe a few). Some may lean towards the domestic variety like cats and dogs, while others are mesmerized by the more exotic kind like panthers, owls and elephants.

Animals have a way of capturing our interest and often even our hearts. It’s no wonder they have made their way into our home decor. Not only are they intriguing, but they’re also quite beautiful. From their unique body structure to their vivid coloring to their distinctive facial features, there’s so much to adore and appreciate.

And what better way to express love for your favorite animal than with a collectible figurine? The Bradford Exchange lets you journey into a vast animal kingdom to find the perfect treasure for your home, whether you love cats, dogs, birds, wolves or elephants.

Animal figurines make a great addition to any space, bringing an element of majestic beauty, whimsy and unique character to the overall aesthetic. While you’re thinking about bringing an animal figurine into your home, we’d like to help make your decision a little easier. Here’s Our Go-To Guide for Buying Animal Figurines:

What Do Animals Symbolize and How Does That Influence Decor?

Mythology, religion, literature and art have all depicted animals in both stories and as symbols. Sometimes, when choosing an animal figurine to add to one’s decor, it’s fun to consider the qualities certain animals would evoke or the mood they could create being displayed in the home. That often comes from their symbolism.
For example, black panthers are believed to symbolize courage and strength. Elephants are thought to bring good fortune and charm. And owls are considered a source of wisdom. Then, of course, humans have long had a special relationship with dogs and cats. Not only are they oh-so-cute, but for many, they are a part of the family and bring joy to the household. Displaying a figurine of a favorite dog breed or cat is a wonderful way to honor them.

What Materials Are Used in Crafting Animal Figurines?

The Bradford Exchange has been able to capture all the unique physical qualities of animals when creating collectible figurines. Our animal figurines are uniquely designed and individually handcrafted to our exacting standards with materials like vibrant gem-colored crystalline, artist’s resin and fine porcelain, so you can be sure you’re getting a truly original, heirloom-quality collectible. Plus, many of our animal figurines feature creative and artistic flourishes that enhance their eye-catching appeal. You’ll discover cat and dog figurines in adorable Wild West-inspired costumes, colorful crystal bird figurines and bejeweled elephant figurines that truly dazzle. How cool is that?

Where Should Animal Figurines Be Displayed?

Wish to add a bit of animal flair to your home decor? There are so many fun and exciting ways to display animal figurines. They make a great conversational piece, so some prefer displaying them in a room where friends and family gather. They always stand out on a fireplace mantle, side table, end table or on extra counterspace, adding a bit of pizazz. Others may want to showcase a menagerie of animal figurines in a curio cabinet where onlookers can marvel at their finely crafted details. And if you’re looking for a truly creative way to display your figurines, think about grouping the animals together to make interesting tableaus and scenes that will certainly get attention. The options are endless. What a paw-fect way to complement the decor!

How Animal Figurines Can Be Meaningful to You

Animal figurines can serve many different purposes. Some are inspired by loved ones and pay tribute to those no longer with us. Others represent the special relationships we hold nearest to our hearts. And many more transport the outdoor world of animals inside the home, brought to life in vivid detail. No matter what you are looking for, we hope today’s article inspires you. It can be a very wonderful and satisfying experience adding animal figurines to one’s decor and there are so many special animals waiting for you to create or enhance your very own animal figurine collection!

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