STAR TREK Treasures for Your Starship

Captain’s Log: Bradford Exchange Blog #239… The crew and I are all abuzz over the excitement around STAR TREK™ lately. Following in my older brother’s footsteps, I became a loyal fan of the series in my early childhood and I’m so thrilled that there are fans in this universe who love it enough to keep the excitement alive, whether they’re making a high-budget movie or going to Comic-Cons with their Spock ears firmly attached. They, like me, love that every adventure promises new thrills, new intergalactic beings and inspiration to “boldly go” when faced with adversity.

Join me, fellow fans, in taking a look back at where it all began — STAR TREK®: The Original Series™. I’ve searched the far reaches of the galaxy for the best STAR TREK treasures for your home, office or bridge, and guess what? They can all be found at The Bradford Exchange Online!

Scroll down to see my top 5 picks that I think are simply out-of-this-world awesome, and please share this post with your fellow earthlings!

1. STAR TREK Cuckoo Clock

STAR TREK Cuckoo Clock

Here’s a stellar way to celebrate STAR TREK every minute. This is the first-ever cuckoo clock honoring the beloved characters of the original series and it’s sure to send fans into hyperdrive when the Enterprise does a fly-by to the tune of the iconic theme song at the top of every hour!

2. STAR TREK Transponder Lamp

STAR TREK Transponder Lamp

The only thing that would make this lamp cooler is if it was an actual transporter. This tabletop lamp features an illuminating sculptural base that captures Kirk, Spock and McCoy just as they begin to dematerialize and the fabric lamp shade showcases the Enterprise in full glory against an interstellar background. I’d want to say “beam me up, Scotty” every time I used this lamp, but I’d have no problem with that!

3. STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

A collector plate is a classic way to commemorate this classic science fiction TV series, especially since it honors such an unbelievable milestone — its 50th anniversary! Expertly crafted of lustrous Heirloom Porcelain® and boldly sized at a full 1 foot in diameter, this exciting tribute features the Enterprise and its Starfleet crew in full, interstellar color and gleams with a 22K gold rim.

4. STAR TREK Express Train

STAR TREK Express Train

Emblazoned with dramatic scenes and imagery from The Original Series, this HO-scale electric train collection lets you keep your space exploration on track. As an added bonus, this collection includes a First Officer Spock dome car, in tribute to one of the most legendary characters in science fiction history. I give this otherworldly train the Vulcan salute!

5. STAR TREK Stein


With this first-of-its-kind Heirloom Porcelain® stein, you can raise a toast to the captain and crew of the Starship Enterprise in interstellar style. It holds a generous 30 ounces of Romulan Ale (or the Earth liquid of your choice), and to top it all off, the custom zinc alloy lid is crowned by an intricately detailed, sculpted version of the Starship Enterprise in orbit around a Class-M planet!

This concludes my list, but keep in mind that there are so many stellar STAR TREK treasures available on The Bradford Exchange Web site, so make sure you visit our site to discover STAR TREK jewelry and watches, talking character figures and more.

I always love connecting with fellow STAR TREK fans, so please comment on your favorite pick from my list and remember to share this post to share your “Trekker” tendencies! Thanks for reading!

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