The 10 Best STAR WARS™ Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a science fiction juggernaut was launched. When the first STAR WARS™ movie came out in 1977, our planet had no idea the cultural impact this groundbreaking and visionary masterpiece would have. The subsequent movies, comic books, TV shows, toys, apparel and collectibles that followed would spawn generations of devoted fans and followers. It is one of the most successful film franchises of all times and the STAR WARS galaxy continues to be an ever-expanding legacy of captivating stories and beloved characters.

If you’re a STAR WARS fan, there is always so much available to enjoy and discover. And one of the best days to indulge one’s love of this sci-fi franchise is on STAR WARS Day, celebrated annually on May 4. This special day pays homage to the legendary franchise that has continued to captivate audiences. Many fans will immerse themselves in the STAR WARS galaxy, organizing events, movie marathons, and cosplay gatherings to honor the film series legacy.

What if we told you there was a way to commemorate this cinematic phenomenon without ever leaving the house? Here at The Bradford Exchange, you can bring your love of STAR WARS home with collectibles that honor beloved characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and even Grogu. From striking portrait figures to exciting Proof collections and intricately detailed dioramas, each of these STAR WARS tributes is simply out of this world. And in today’s blog, we’ve put together our ultimate list of collectibles: The 10 Best STAR WARS Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange.

Grogu™ Collector’s Edition Portrait Figure

Grogu™ Collector's Edition Portrait Figure

We just can’t get enough of Grogu, the extraordinary child who plays a pivotal role in changing the destiny of Din Djarin. Now all his charm is captured in this 1:1-scale posable portrait figure to match the character’s appearance in STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN™, from the fuzzy hand-applied hair atop his head to the multiple layers of hand painting and dry brushing that create his strikingly textured skin. This collector’s masterpiece is sure to be treasured by any STAR WARS fan!

STAR WARS Metal Diorama Collection

STAR WARS™ Metal Diorama Collection

The impressively designed and powerful space vehicles of the STAR WARS franchise have stunned fans around the world. Now, you can own extraordinary dioramas that recreate these iconic ships as sculptures portrayed in raised-relief detail. These ship sculptures are finely crafted to match the models used in the original trilogy and are encased within clear acrylic boasting blueprints with technical specifications on the back.

Jedi Master Yoda Desk Lamp

Jedi Master Yoda™ Desk Lamp

It is through his infinite wisdom that Yoda has become such a celebrated figure in the STAR WARS™ franchise. And we’d say it’s a very wise decision to make this unique tabletop lamp a part of your decor. Featuring a museum-quality cold-cast bronze sculpture of Yoda, the lamp illuminates memorable words from the Jedi Master himself on the textured cloth lampshade with golden interior.

STAR WARS Original Trilogy Proof Collection

STAR WARS™ Original Trilogy Proof Collection

Without a doubt, the original STAR WARS trilogy introduced audiences to some of the most memorable characters in the franchise, from menacing villain Darth Vader to lovable droid C3PO. Now you can collect 99.9% silver-plated Proofs showcasing beloved heroes and villains of the franchise in vivid full color, along with their names. A display is included with your collection!

STAR WARS 24K Gold-Plated Galactic Pin Collection

STAR WARS™ 24K Gold-Plated Galactic Pin Collection

One of the most famous franchises in movie history has also given us some of the most impressive space vehicles we have ever seen. Round up an entire galaxy of these iconic ships when you begin collecting these hand-enameled 24K gold-plated pins. From the MILLENNIUM FALCON and Imperial Star Destroyer to the X-Wing and TIE fighter, they are all here, with gold foil collector’s certificates. Editions limited to only 10,000.

STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN Express Train Collection

Entrusted with a mysterious and powerful asset known as Grogu, Din Djarin journeys through a dangerous galaxy and puts his own life at risk to protect this precious cargo. Now, you can capture the thrill of this epic adventure with a HO-scale electric train featuring art inspired by the TV series and a locomotive lights up. Includes a track set, power pack and controller!

STAR WARS Essential Oils Collection

Inspired by the power of the Force to bring balance to the galaxy, this curated aromatherapy collection features therapeutic-grade essential oil blends, a masterfully sculpted Yoda™ diffuser that lights up in multiple colors and more wellness accessories. Fact cards provide information on how to enjoy these beneficial essences as well as artwork, quotes and scenes from the original STAR WARS trilogy.

Princess Leia™ Portrait Figure

Princess Leia™ Portrait Figure

A fearless leader. A beacon of hope. A symbol of grace, courage and determination. Princess Leia is one of the most celebrated heroines in the STAR WARS™ film series. Now a poseable portrait figure is expertly handcrafted and hand-painted to highlight every detail of this beloved character, from her iconic bun hairstyle to her true-to-film costuming. Plus, she even wields her powerful Satine’s Lament blaster!

STAR WARS Framed Commemorative Wall Decor Collection

Want to get a glimpse into the artistry that shaped the STAR WARS franchise? Immerse yourself in this legendary  galaxy with a limited-edition wall decor collection. Framed and matted, each display showcases original artwork used to promote the film and concept art, as well as behind-the-scenes information about each production. The displays boast 22K gold-plated medallions and arrives ready to hang!

STAR WARS Power of the Dark Side Sculpture

STAR WARS™ Power of the Dark Side Sculpture

Experience the looming dominance of Darth Vader like you’ve never felt before. The dark lord’s life-sustaining facemask floats and spins in midair in this dramatic tribute to the ultimate villain. And with just the flip of a switch, eerie red LED lights shine up from a hexagonal base inspired by Vader’s meditation chamber. Just imagine the eye-catching theatrical presentation you can create in your home with this innovative collectible.

All we can say is, that list was certainly stellar, don’t you think? Did you see a STAR WARS collectible that you absolutely have to have for your home? We hope so. And we also hope this blog post was as entertaining as it was enlightening. STAR WARS fans, happy shopping and enjoy the journey.

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