Top 4 Collectibles Celebrating 90 Years of Disney’s Donald Duck

When someone asks, “who’s your favorite Disney character,” is there a charming, animated personality you immediately think of? A special character you fell in love with the first time you saw their face on the movie screen or your TV screen?

Disney characters are created with such artistry, care and inspiration, they are instantly beloved once they are brought into the world. Their memorable movies, stories, shorts and scenes bring joy to generations young and old, and they live forever in our hearts and minds. That’s just a small part of why Disney characters have become so popular for over a century now.

One of the most well know Disney characters got his introduction quite a long time ago. 90 years ago, to be exact. The date was June 9, 1934, and one of Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoons, “The Wise Little Hen”, debuted a character destined for greatness: Disney’s Donald Duck. Created around the talents of voice actor Clarence Nash, Donald Duck danced, sang and squawked his way into the world and put an irresistible smile on the faces of thousands. Now it’s 2024 and Donald Duck’s endearing antics and quirky personality have kept him wise quackin’ for 90 years strong.

When did you first discover Donald Duck? While he might look a little different now than he did for his premiere, it’s been fun to see his evolution over the years. And even though he’s sported different appearances through the decades, his comedic flair, heartfelt adventures and one-of-a-kind voice have always been consistent, making him a duck of distinction. Are you ready to celebrate?

If you’ve shopped at The Bradford Exchange before, you already know what a unique selection of Disney collectibles, jewelry and apparel there is to discover, which is why we are thrilled to pull out all the stops for this important Disney anniversary. To mark 90 years of Donald Duck fun, the Gift Advisors have put together a list of ways you can participate in this awesome party. Please enjoy our Top 4 Collectibles Celebrating 90 Years of Disney’s Donald Duck:

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Proof Collection

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Proof Collection

The Founding Feather is honored like never before! This collection of 99.9% silver-plated Proofs showcases Disney’s Donald Duck through the years. Full-color artwork appears on the front of each 90th anniversary commemorative, while the backs feature sculpted portraits and the humorous tagline “WISE QUACKIN’ SINCE 1934”. The gleaming Proofs arrive preserved within crystal clear, tamper-proof holders, and you can show them all off in the deluxe display box that arrives with Issue Two.

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Sculpture

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Sculpture

It’s 90 years of Disney’s Donald Duck captured in 1 masterpiece tribute! This Gallery Editions sculpture features the beloved character in a classic pose, leaning on an anchor and wearing his signature blue sailor suit. Painted by hand and standing a full 12″ tall, the famous duck is covered from hat to feet in imagery from his popular roles through the years, while a brass-finished plaque marks the year of his debut. Edition limited to 1,934 worldwide!

Disney Donald Duck 90th Sculpture

It’s a party 90 years in the making and you’re invited! Spinning 360 degrees round and round in fully sculpted detail from bill to tail, it’s Disney’s Donald Duck, the star of this distinctive rotating sculpture. The celebrating duck “bursts” through the “0” in the glittering, vacuum-plated “90” that marks the occasion. And all the action happens atop a film reel base loaded with nostalgic imagery. Edition is limited to 2,024 worldwide!

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Glitter Globe

Disney Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Glitter Globe

Give this tribute a little shake to see a shower of sparkling glitter surround Disney’s Donald Duck in fully sculpted glory. It’s an ideal way to celebrate 90 years of everyone’s favorite mayhem-inducing duck. Plus, beneath the blue cap-crowned glass globe, a film strip-inspired platform spins around 360 degrees for a parade of the famous fowl in 5 of his most beloved roles. It even plays music at the turn of a key!

That was a fun list, right? See anything that quacked you up? You might be interested to know there are even more Donald Duck collectibles to discover on our website! Whether you found something unique for yourself or someone you care about, we thank you so much for reading and we hope you will join us in making Donald Duck’s 90th anniversary a quackin’ great time. Happy shopping!

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