What Is Statement Jewelry?

There are several different ways to “make a statement”.

You can share your strong thoughts with someone on a particular topic.

You can take a stand for or against something you feel passionate about.

You could write down your beliefs in a book or a poem or an essay.

These are all ways of making a statement. However, in everyday life, when people use this expression, they are referring to someone’s style. The way they reflect their personality through how they present themselves, and even in the clothes they wear. Fashion sense does say a lot about who you are. Hence… “making a statement”.

One of the simplest, but most fun, ways to make a statement is with a distinctive jewelry piece. Statement jewelry is an outward expression of you. A way to draw attention to your personal taste and sense of fashion. Sometimes bold, sometimes elegant, but always unique, statement jewelry lets the woman or man wearing it “say something” with their own personal flair.

A piece of statement jewelry could be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit, but it doesn’t always have to be. If it’s strong enough, it could stand completely on its own, drawing more attention to its design. Here are a few types of statement jewelry available from The Bradford Exchange – each one featuring an original design you won’t find anywhere else.

4 Types of Statement Jewelry

Statement Necklaces

Consider choosing a big, bold or colorful pendant when shopping for statement necklaces. Maybe one that features a faceted stone or multi dimensions that will pick up and reflect light. While this is not a prerequisite necessarily, a necklace holds the privilege of having the most prominent jewelry position, so it’s often noticed first.

Statement Earrings

There is more versatility when it comes to selecting statement earrings. They don’t have to be as bold as a statement necklace because they come in twos. But paring down their intensity doesn’t mean they shouldn’t draw attention. Consider more unique materials, colors and shapes that will create symmetry for the face but still stand out.

Statement Rings

A true statement ring will have no competition with other jewelry. Meaning, it should be the only ring on your hand, naturally highlighted by its sole presence. Another way statement rings are singular are that they usually feature one prominent stone or have a very intricate or unusual design.

Statement Bracelets

Because bracelets can be fairly ubiquitous, there are several designs that truly stand out from the rest, making them true statement bracelets. Among these designs are tennis bracelets, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets and even charm bracelets, all taking a very simple jewelry form and making it stand out with unique style twists and flair.

What to Consider When Shopping for Statement Jewelry?

The most important thing to consider when shopping for statement jewelry is you. Your taste. Your style. Your fashion sense. When you’re shopping, what are the designs that feel like a good match for you? Can you imagine yourself in that dramatic necklace or ring going out for a night on the town? Your personality will usually guide you towards the statement jewelry that feels right. Of course, it’s also fine to step outside your typical style and surprise people every once in a while with something completely uncharacteristic. That’s the freedom of fashion and it can be lots of fun.

Did that put you in the mood to find your next dazzling statement? Great news, you can shop a wide selection of statement jewelry from The Bradford Exchange right now and we are confident that you will have so much fun browsing and shopping. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog, and please come back to show us a picture of you wearing your new statement jewelry!

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