Top 10 Decor Collections for Your Home

What makes your house feel like home?

While a house is simply a physical structure, the memories created inside are what give it meaning. Like the old saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” From family dinners to birthday celebrations to quiet nights in with friends and family, even the comfort and support you give to each other during hard times, each special experience adds another layer of love that ties our hearts to our homes.

And since home is the space where so many cherished memories are created, it’s important that it feels unique to the people who live inside. So, what can one do to make sure their living space is warm, inviting and a reflection of their unique style and personality? The answer could be as simple as what we bring to our home decor.

The Bradford Exchange offers many ideas for sprucing up a living space. Chief among them are our home decor collectibles, specifically created and curated to reflect one’s passions, interests and creative flair. They’re such a fun and easy way to bring artistry, style and beauty to a home.

You will find collections that include villages, wall decor, keepsake candles, collectible figurines, sculptures and much more. And now, please enjoy our hand-picked ideas of Top 10 Decor Collections for Your Home:

For Lovers of the Great Outdoors

Aurora Borealis Wall Decor Collection

If you’ve ever seen the Northern Lights in person, you know it’s a mesmerizing sight to behold. Now you can see this awe-inspiring display of lights join with the stunning wolf art of James Meger in this limited-edition collection. And with the flip of a switch, you can watch the sky artwork in these dreamcatchers glow waves of green, blue and violet – just like the Northern Lights!

For Those Who Appreciate Renaissance-Style Art

Archangels Of Light Bronze Sculpture Collection

Known as the age of innovation and enlightenment, the Renaissance period ushered in one of the greatest artists of all time, Donatello. His religious sculptures inspire this collection, the first-ever to bear the work of acclaimed contemporary realist artist Howard David Johnson. Each Archangel sculpture is expertly hand-cast in cold-cast bronze and hand-painted, including metallic-toned highlights and real metal swords.


HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS House Candle Collection

Ever wish to wander the Great Hall of HOGWARTS™? While we may not have access to this magical place, you can certainly give your home that same enchanting appeal with this collection of sophisticated flameless candles. Like magic, a battery pack with a sensor powers the brilliant LED light to give the candles their warm glow and a remote control puts safe candlelit illumination into the hands of witches, wizards and MUGGLES™ alike!

For Fans of Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Village Collection

Love Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and all the wonderful characters from the movie? Let the Halloween Town sculpted village buildings, figurines and accessories in this collection brighten your home. And wait until you flip the switch to see the black light fixtures and buildings glow! It’s sure to send shivers up your spine in ghoulish delight!

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Dallas Football

Dallas Cowboys Personalized Welcome Sign Collection

There’s nothing quite as exciting as football season in Dallas! It’s simply the best time of the year. Let your love of football shine with this custom-designed welcome sign collection! It boasts unique wall plaques expertly handcrafted of artist’s resin to give the look of weathered natural stone. And each plaque showcases team logos and colors, graphics and more. Plus, one of the plaques is personalized with your family name.

For Those Who Adore Cats and Christmas

The PURR-fect Christmas Pageant Figurine Collection

The purr-fect Nativity doesn’t exist, you say? Oh yes it does! In fact, it’s right here for you to meow-val at and adore each Christmas season. Each fully sculpted and handcrafted Nativity figurine boasts textured “fur,” an expressive face and an adorable pageant costume. The figurines are impressively sized at 4-1/2 inches tall and are hand-painted with vivid colors to capture every lovable detail. It’s picture paw-fect!

For Those Captivated by Dragons and Fantasy

Mythic Alchemy Essential Oils Collection

Enter a mythical realm of fierce dragons, enchanting maidens and wild fantasy landscapes while basking in relaxing aromatherapy with this essential oil collection, featuring the gothic artwork of Anne Stokes. It’s the perfect way to create a magical, multi-sensory experience in your home! You’re sure to enjoy the diffuser that boasts color-changing lights and features a fully sculpted dragon wrapped around a medieval castle turret, plus a variety of high-quality essential oils.

For WWII History Buffs

Are you fascinated by the airplanes that soared us to victory in WWII? Then this collection is sure to land for you. Imagery of the historic aircraft of WWII emblazon each Zippo® lighter in this collection, along with nose art that adorned those original aircraft. Plus, the museum-quality, octagonal-shaped wooden display is topped by a fully sculptural recreation of a B-17 Bomber with an impressive 12-1/2-inch wingspan.


Snoopy Through The Seasons Perpetual Calendar Collection

No duo is better at spreading cheer than Snoopy and Woodstock! Now, you can raise the cheer level to an all-time high with their help in this Snoopy Through the Seasons Perpetual Calendar. Arriving in sets of 2 hand-cast, hand-painted, sculptural figurines lend their unique charm to every month – each finding a special home in the display. And the display arrives with custom-designed tiles – 63 date, holiday and special occasion tiles, so  you can make each month special!

For the Motorcycle Riders

Indian Motorcycle Legacy Knife Collection

Wish to tip your helmet to America’s oldest motorcycle company? Now, you can with the Indian Motorcycle® Legacy Knife Collection. Each limited-edition pocket knife in the collection is beautifully crafted with a stainless steel blade and showcases Indian Motorcycle® art, logos and designs on the handle. You can proudly display the pocket knives in the cherry-finished custom wood display case that actually lights up.

Did you see a decor collection that would look great in your home? We hope so! Need more ideas? There’s so much more where that came from. Whether you love sports, holidays, history, nature or Disney, we offer so many ways for you to brighten your decor in a way that reflects your personality.

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The Gift Advisors @The Bradford Exchange are thrilled to help you discover a wealth of artistic treasures, all of which began with passion. Whether you are looking for that perfect personalized gift or a unique collection for yourself, we are driven to make your shopping experience as joyful as possible and hope you are surprised and delighted with what you find. Thank you for your continued support.

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